Seven Reasons I Support Hawaiian Sovereignty

  1. The overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy by American and U.S.-backed business interests was wrong. The U.S. Congress has admitted this. The annexation of the “Republic” of Hawai`i by the United States was wrong, since the “Republic” was not the legitimate government of Hawai`i and therefore did not have the authority to hand the islands over to the U.S. It’s wrong for the United States to be reaping the benefits from injustice this way. The United States never recognized the “annexation” of the Baltic States by the Soviet Union; we should observe the same principles with regard to our own country.
  2. Sovereignty and independence for Hawai`i will demonstrate to the rest of the United States that substantial, fundamental reform of our constitutional system is possible.
  3. Removal of two guaranteed left-liberal votes from the U.S. Senate and two guaranteed left-liberal votes from the U.S. House of Representatives will make Congress on balance more conservative. This will be good for the country.
  4. Removal of the U.S. Department of Defense from the business of defending Hawai`i will save taxpayers at least $4 billion per year.
  5. At a time when so many political forces are working for increased centralization of governments, Hawaiian sovereignty will reinforce the popular desire for increased local autonomy. Success of the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement will encourage other subsidiarity/home rule/sovereignty movements around the world.
  6. Similarly, since the independent Nation of Hawai’i will presumably at least consider a restoration of the legitimate monarchy, this will serve as encouragement for other monarchist/legitimist movements and restoration efforts worldwide, and also be a valuable lesson to those who incorrectly assume a republic is somehow necessarily more “advanced” than a monarchy.
  7. If Hawai’i becomes a sovereign nation, I'll be able to say I was “educated abroad.”