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Other Cascadian Ideas and Web Sites

As I said on the intro page, mine is not the only Cascadia out there. In fact, here in the Northwest, Cascadia can describe anything from a restaurant to a compost-maker. Politically speaking, lots of people are developing various Cascadia themes, to a greater or lesser degree of earnestness. Here are a few of them:

  • AltaColumbia. A clearinghouse of sorts for various Cascadia ideas and related sites; they've kindly included a link to my Kingdom of Cascadia pages.
  • cascadiaconfederacy. An email group on Yahoo connected with The Regional Alliance for a Stateless, Confederal, and Autonomous Cascadia Confederacy (a confederal confederacy?); they're pro-secession and opposed to "the oppressive systems and values of capitalism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, xenophobia, and all other authoritarian forms of organizing our world."
  • The Cascadian National Party. A progressive organization calling for the secession of Oregon and Washington; their Cascadia flag has a certain coincidental similarity to mine, but I like mine better. Their index page can take forever to load sometimes, but it really is there.
  • Cascadia Project. From the painfully real-world Discovery Institute, promoting US-Canadian intra-regional cooperation.
  • The Republic of Cascadia. A very well thought-out and executed site, but I think my flag ... well, you know.

Here are some sites that, while not strictly Cascadian, may be of related interest (but please see the Important Note below):

Finally, here are two catch-all pages you might be interested in:

  • Explicitly libertarian and/or decentralist secessionist movements.
  • A pretty comprehensive list of independence movements of all stripes.

A Very Important Note

Just to be clear:

The fact that a web site may be linked-to on this page does not mean I support the movement, aims, goals, or rhetoric of the person or organization who put up that page.

That goes double for any site any of those web pages may link to. These links are for information and comparison purposes only.

Got that? Okay then.