Cascadia flag

Flags of the Kingdom of Cascadia

The national flag of the Kingdom of Cascadia is a horizontal bicolour, dark green over white. In the upper hoist is a circle of seven five-pointed white stars, representing the seven original Commonwealths that formed the Kingdom. The usual ratio of the flag is 3:5, although square variants are frequently seen flying with the flags of the Commonwealths.

The designers of the Cascadian flag intentionally created a design different both in colours and in symbolism from the flags of the two precursor states, Canada and the USA. While there were some objections that the circle of stars in the hoist recalled the "Betsy Ross" flag of the US, the use of stars to represent a state’s constituent parts is common enough in the vexillological world—the flag of the European Union being just one very visible example—that this objection was eventually overcome.

The dark green of the Cascadian flag represents the verdant forests that cover much of the Kingdom’s landscape. The white represents the snowcapped mountains that make up the geographic spine of the Kingdom, and also the Arctic regions in the north. The colours and design also recall the flag of the (admittedly obscure) republic of Siberia that existed just across the Bering Strait from Cascadia in 1917 and 1918. Until it was absorbed by the Soviet Union, this republic used a white-over-green bicolour flag.

The original intention of the flag’s designers was that the number of stars would change as necessary to reflect the number of Commonwealths. However, in 2000 the Constitution was amended to permanently fix the number of stars at seven.


In vexillological terms, the rectangular green-and-white bicolour is Cascadia’s national, civil, and war flag, as well as the national ensign. What this means is that this flag is flown by both the government and the people of Cascadia, and also by the military. Private citizens can fly it or the square variant from their homes or on their boats or other water craft. The Royal Navy uses a different flag, as do ships of the Coast Guard and other government agencies.

Royal Standard

Cascadia Royal Standard

Royal standard of the Kingdom of Cascadia (image by Andrew Rogers)

The Royal, or Queen’s, Standard of the Kingdom of Cascadia is the personal flag of the Cascadian Head of State. It is a banner of the Kingdom's arms, a crown over a green fitchy double-style cross, all on a white field and surrounded by a red border. The Royal Standard is flown when the Queen is in residence in Churchill Palace or one of the other Royal homes, when she is aboard a Royal Navy or government ship, and over any other government building in which she may be at the time. It may also be flown over private houses and buildings in which the Queen is visiting or staying, if the owner of the house or building so requests. The Royal Standard takes precedence when displayed with other flags, including over the national flag.

The Heir to the Throne's standard uses a green border instead of a red one, while a borderless version of the flag is used by other members of the Royal Family should they have need of a flag. The Crown Prince’s and Other Members standards do not take precedence ahead of the national flag, but do precede Commonwealth flags.

The Royal Standard is never flown at half-staff because the Crown never dies.

Military and Naval Flags

Cascadia Naval Ensign

The Naval Ensign of the Kingdom of Cascadia.
(Image by Andrew Rogers.)

Like those of many other nations, the naval ensign of the Kingdom of Cascadia is modeled after the White Ensign of the British Royal Navy. This flag is flown by ships of the Royal Cascadian Navy, and by ships and boats of the Commonwealths' various naval and national guards when serving under RN command.

Cascadia Government Ensign

The Government Ensign of the Kingdom of Cascadia.
(Image by Andrew Rogers.)

This ensign is flown by government ships other than those of the Royal Cascadian Navy. These include patrol boats employed by the Border Security Force.

To come, someday: More military, commonwealth, and a few local flags of the Kingdom of Cascadia.