Mystery Science Theater 3000: Links

The Key MST Link

There used to be more MST web sites than you've had hot meals. Many were fairly lame, but a few were really quite complex and useful. Today, a lot of these sites, both good and bad, have disappeared. And many of the ones still online seem not to have been updated since the show went off the air.

There is one site, though, that is still updated every day. Most of the best MST sites are linked to here — and most of the really great ones (IMHO) are hosted on its server. If you're interested in MST info, including its creators and stars, the movies it featured, and more, this is the place to go. It is:

Link to Satellite News web site

The official Mystery Science Theater 3000
Info Club Web Site

Useful sections on the Satellite News site include (but are not limited to):

  • Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt: Complete information on every single movie and short featured in the whole series. Awesome research! (The underlined episode numbers on my MST pages here link to Daddy-O's pages.)

  • The Unofficial MST3K Episode Guide: Each show in all ten seasons is described here, including the host segments.

  • MST3K Merchandise for Sale.

  • The Official MST3K FAQ: If you're wondering about something, chances are the answer is here.

  • The Umbilicus: Links to other MST sites. My page right here is the very first one listed in the "Not-So-Official Sites" section (ah, the miracle of alphabetization). They recently updated this page, at my suggestion, to note that some MST fan sites have died or gone inactive, while others are still being updated.

And not for the faint of heart, there's:

  • Ward E: "For truly obsessive fans" (like your humble host). Includes the lyrics to most songs performed on the show, transcripts to many of the host segments and other riffs, lots of interesting and important lists, and other important info. But be warned: this stuff isn't for the amateur!

Update! Also, in case you missed it on my first MST page, there is Cinematic Titanic and The Film Crew (defunct but still funny) and RiffTrax!