Of Flags and Flag Things

What is This Thing Called Vexillology?

Vexillology (etymology here) is the study of flags, while designing or drawing flags is vexillography. I've been doing both for a very long time, as well as dabbling in the not-unrelated field of heraldry. It's only recently, though, that I've liked any of my designs enough to unleash them on an unsuspecting world.

A few of my designs are here on these page. Others are on the Flags of Cascadia page.

Official Flags of the World flag

The official FOTW flag, designed by Mark Sensen

Before I get started, though, I must strongly encourage anyone interested in flags to consider joining Flags of the World, the Web's leading flag-related discussion group. Also check out the incomparable Flags of the World web page, which is fed by the list. These are absolutely essential references, while the list is also a great community of flag scholars and enthusiasts (vexillologists and vexillophiles). I've learned a lot, and had a lot of fun, on the list. (This design above is the official flag of FOTW [you didn't think a flag group wouldn't have a flag, did you?]. List-member Mark Sensen designed it, and FOTW'ers selected it from among several other suggestions; the one at the top of the page, needless to say, was animated by Pascal Gross, official flag animator of andrewrogers.net.)

Check out my personal flag:

Andrew S. Rogers Personal Flag