A Bunch of Ideas for Wyoming

Wyoming is a great state. I always enjoy the time I spend there, and not just because my lovely bride's parents live there. But still, just as with Virginia, I can't help but think about ways the state flag can be improved (do you ever have thoughts like that? my sympathies if you do).

In fairness, the flag of Wyoming is not one of the twenty-five state-seal-on-blue-bedsheet designs I posted on the earlier page. Here it is (image, as before, by Mario Fabretto from the FOTW Flags of the World web site):

Wyoming state flag

I do give the people of Wyoming, or at least their flag designer, credit for some degree of originality. But why do they need to take a basically sound design and mess it up by putting the state seal on the bison?

As you might expect, therefore, here is my first alternative for a new flag of Wyoming:

Andrew S. Rogers - Wyoming state flag proposal

There is absolutely nothing about the basic design of the Wyoming flag that is improved by adding the state seal to it.

One thing that would make Wyoming's flag even more distinctive, though, would be to step outside the usual red-white-blue pallet of so many American flags, and into a color nobody else is using. And frankly, if there's a color I associate with Wyoming, it's brown ... not only because so much of Wyoming's vegetation is that color, but also (I hasten to add) because the official colors of the University of Wyoming are brown and gold.

Here, therefore, are four additional proposals:

Andrew S. Rogers - Wyoming state flag proposal Andrew S. Rogers - Wyoming state flag proposal

Andrew S. Rogers - Wyoming state flag proposal Andrew S. Rogers - Wyoming state flag proposal

If, by the way, you're not convinced brown works on a flag (and I admit it's unusual, though not unprecedented), I invite you to check out the flags of several Japanese prefectures, in which brown is not at all uncommon.