The guy behind the site.

Hi again. Thanks for coming to my site. My name, as you may have guessed, is Andrew Rogers.

"I like winter better than summer, rain better than sunshine, night better than day, silence better than sound, and secession better than union."
— Florence King, "The Misanthrope's Corner," National Review, November 25, 1996.

Here's a quick biography for anyone wondering if I'm the Andrew Rogers they know: I grew up in a Navy family, living mostly in Fairfax County, Virginia, and Honolulu, Hawai`i. I attended `Iolani School, where I participated in speech and debate, and graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio in 1988. I've worked in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., Between 1995 and 2010, my lovely bride and I lived in Seattle. From then until February, 2012, we were in Stamford, Connecticut. Now we're in Houston. Not enough info? Visit my Linkedn profile or contact me with questions.

You may have run into me through my nearly 800 reviews on, encountered me on Twitter or elsewhere (where I often use the handle "Cascadian"), or surfed here while searching for information on anarcho-capitalist flags, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Cascadia, pugs and our homemade dog food, or some other topic. Whatever brings you here, welcome, and thanks again.

"To follow Nock, what traits must a man of the Right have? He must be both fiercely independent and believe in the power of social authority; he must love tradition but hate the state and everything it does; he must believe in radical freedom while never doubting the immutability of human nature and natural laws; he must be antimaterialist in his own life while defending economic freedom without compromise; he must be an elitist and antidemocrat yet despise elites who hold illicit power; and he must be realistic about the dim prospects for change while still retaining a strong sense of hope and enthusiasm for life."
— Jeffrey Tucker, "Albert Jay Nock: Forgotten Man of the Old Right"