Some of the Things I Read When I Should be Writing

It had been a long time since I updated this page, and I realized that a lot of the blogs I had listed here ... including some I called my "favorites" ... were things I hadn't been to in a long, long time. So here, if anyone but me is interested, is a much shorter list of the blogs I really do read these days:

Still My Top Blog:

  • Two--Four
    By Billy Beck. His style can take some getting used to, and he is definitely not to everyone's taste, as many folks would be happy to tell you. But I very much enjoy reading him, and have gained a lot from doing so on the Web and in e-mail over the years.

Other Blogs Worth Reading

I've decided it's not really practical for me to keep updating this page of my "favorite" blogs, since I read so many now and the list of favorites is constantly evolving. I read most of my blogs now via their RSS feeds and the Google Reader, which lets you share blogposts you like with other people. So if for whatever reason you want to see what sorts of things I'm finding worthwhile...

check out political topics and other things of interest.