Mystery Science Theater 3000: Episode Library

  • Season Zero or "K" (The KTMA Years): K04-K21.
  • Season One: All.
  • Season Two: All.
  • Season Three: All.
  • Season Four: 411, 416-419, 421-424.
  • Season Five: 501, 506-515, 517, 524.
  • Season Six: All.
  • Season Seven: All.
  • Season Eight: All.
  • Season Nine: All.
  • Season Ten: All.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

Other MST-related things I have on tape or disc

  • Shorts — (The Home Economics Story [317], Junior Rodeo Daredevils [407], Body Care and Grooming [510], Cheating [515], A Date With Your Family [602], Why Study Industrial Arts? [609], and Chicken of Tomorrow [702]-Rhino)
  • Shorts II — (Catching Trouble [315], What to Do on a Date [503], Last Clear Chance [520], A Day at the Fair [608], Keeping Clean & Neat [613], and The Days of Our Years [623]-Rhino)
  • Shorts III — (Speech-Using Your Voice [313], Aquatic Wizards [315], Is This Love? [514], Design for Dreaming [524], The Selling Wizard [603], Out of This World [618], and Once Upon a Honeymoon [701]-Rhino)
  • Mr B’s Lost Shorts??!! — (Mr B Natural [319], X Marks the Spot [210], Johnny at the Fair [419], Hired!, part 1 [423], Design for Dreaming [524], and Are You Ready for Marriage? [616]-BBI)
  • Assignment Venezuela and Other Shorts — (Assignment Venezuela [never shown on TV], Century 21 Calling [906], and A Case of Spring Fever [1012]-BBI)
  • Poopie (Rhino)
  • Poopie II (BBI)
  • The MST Scrapbook (BBI)
  • Play MST for Me III (BBI)
  • The Last Dance -- Raw (BBI)
  • Tom Servo’s All-Time Favorite Host Segments, Part I (Rhino)
  • Tom Servo’s All-Time Favorite Host Segments, Part II (Rhino)
  • Tom Servo’s All-Time Favorite Host Segments, Part III (Rhino)
  • Tom Servo’s All-Time Favorite Host Segments, Part IV (Rhino)
  • Tom Servo’s All-Time Favorite Host Segments, Part V (Rhino)


  • Cinematic Titanic #1: "The Oozing Skull"
  • CT #2: "The Doomsday Machine"
  • CT #3: "The Wasp Woman"
  • CT #4: "Legacy of Blood"
  • CT #5: "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians"
  • CT #6: "Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks"


  • The Film Crew
  • "Wild Women of Wongo"
  • "Killers from Space"
  • "Hollywood After Dark"
  • "Giant of Marathon"

My (former) biggest MST regret

No question: Taping over many of the early-years MST episodes.

Granted, in many cases, I taped over them with later episodes. But by the time I made a concentrated effort to save as many as I could, Comedy Central wasn't showing the old ones as often any more. And then, as I said, once the show hopped to Sci-Fi, CC stopped showing reruns altogether. While I appreciate Rhino releasing on video the episodes they have, many episodes will never be released at all. Which means either doing without or ... circulating the tapes!

For some reason, it had never occured to me to look for MST episodes on eBay ("It's like we're smart, but we're not!"). Then Sarah — friend, co-worker, and MSTie — pointed out that several folks there who sell precisely that. I purchased some VHS tapes from Jerrod Farley, and subsequently a bunch of DVDs from "surgekeeper".

Today, I'm happy to report that the episodes I used to have listed here under the heading "Episodes I most wish I could see again," are now incorporated into the list on the next page of episodes I am proud to own.

Finally, I should mention that another visitor to this site kindly informed me some time ago of the incredible truth that 217 MST episodes are downloadable in DVD format from the Digital Archive Project. Making the DAP function requires the ability to burn DVDs on your computer, so if you can do that, give them a shot and let me know how it goes!

I am currently in the process of copying all my MST tapes onto DVD (or, more conveniently if also more expensively, just buying them on DVD from one of the folks mentioned above).